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NovaRunCoach is an RRCA Certified Running Coach as well as certified in CPR and 1st aid.  I am an enthusiast road and trail runner who balances my love for running with a full time job and personal commitments.  Only after many years and thousands of miles have I accumulated this level of expertise.  My passion to see you improve is what makes NovaRunCoach your perfect fit!



NovaRunCoach believes in conservative, proven training theories to get you fit to run faster or farther than you have before, all while minimizing the chance of injury.  My coaching services can help you with any distance, but I specialize in longer endurance events:


  • Improve on any distance from 5 km to the half-marathon


  • Run your first Marathon
  • Lower your personal best
  • Qualify for Boston


  • 50 km (~32 miler)
  • 50 milers and 100 km races
  • 100 milers



Interested in getting started? Please contact us via the form below with a brief description of your goals and running experience.  We will try to respond within 2 business days.

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"Outrun the old you"